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Getting Investor Capital?

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Is Your Business Ready to Receive Investor Capital?

Lawyer and Practice Director at Dundas Lawyers, Brisbane,….Malcolm Burrows, gave Business Support Events Members the step by step on how to prepare to get Investor’ Money…

Malcolm took Members by the hand and showed the way through the Legal Maize

What astounded me straight away were his mention of these 2 steps:
Step One: Make sure you have the appropriate Business Structure in Place…!!
Step Two: Have a Business and Marketing Plan…!!

Why should that be astounding?
…a couple of weeks’ ago I interviewed Terry Smith from Allens Australia  Accountants. Terry gave us The Top 5 Tips at Business Support Events on what you need to know when you start your Business or want to expand…and he said this:

‘Start your business with the right Structure’… and
‘Have a Business and Marketing Plan’ in place

Having worked with heaps of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners over the past 3 years as a Business and Marketing Coach, I’ve noticed very few businesses start out with any thought about the business structure, nor a Business and Marketing Plan…
Start up business owners have usually little money to spend and use what they have on Promotional Material….BUT….without the Focus on who they are trying to attract.

Here is the thing… how can you arrive at your destination when you don’t know WHAT the destination is?
For just over 30min Malcolm Burrows shared with Business Support Events Members how to prepare for Investor Capital…. so below just a few steps for you….
Malcolm has raised from $250,000 to $2mill for his own businesses …so he’s well qualified to take any business by the hand to go through the process!

….and then I encourage you to hop on over to Business Support Events  check out the pages for more info of what it’s all about and to get a taste of our Events.

If you’d like to access Malcolm’s complete ‘How To’, jump in HERE and watch the Video

How to get Your Business Investor Ready

  1. Know what you want to achieve and set up the right structure from the start
  2. Get Professional help and put a written Business and Marketing Plan together
  3. What are the Laws around getting Capital? Find out the details
  4. Be prepared to deal with Investors Objections
  5. Know what will make you lose control and be prepared

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