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Harvey Mackay: Master the next level of networking

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In my entire career, I have never once heard a successful person say he or she regretted putting time and energy into building their relationships and contact management system. What Brandon is referring to is: If my contact at a company left, who would I still know there? […] there’s a reasonably good chance they’ll become even more valuable members of your network. If your network is going to work, you have to stay plugged in and keep the wire humming. An entire industry — insurance — is built on the principle of the Law of Large Numbers. Insurance people can tell you within one-fourth of 1 percent just how many of us are going to die within the next 12 months — and how and where and in what age bracket, sex, color and creed. […] when you are trying to break into accounts, strive to position yourself as No. 2 for every prospect on your list and keep adding to that list. […] fortunately, as in the insurance business, “which one” doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have the perseverance and patience to position yourself as No. 2 to enough different people, and the Law of Large Numbers will do for you what it has done for the insurance industry:

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Widening your network creates visibility for you…some good tips here by Harvey Mackay

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